Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama

Dear Mama,

Happy Birthday! Again this year I am not with everyone and you to celebrate your great day! I love you so much than I could ever imagine. Thank you so much for everything! I always dua' and asks Allah to give you and our family His blessing. Ameen Ya Rabb.



M1ss F0r3st said...

Selamat Hari jadi untuk mama Zafi. tanpa dia, tiadala kita di dunia ni. zarul nak tau tak, lepas dah dpt baby & rasa susah senang bersalin, bila time birthday tu mmg teringat kat mak. x beria nak celebrate. instead rasa cam nak celebrate dia jee sbenarnye. renung-renungkan la. eceh!

zafi said...

dear Hazie,

I agree. Obviously I don't have experience to be mommy kan but I can see how difficult it is to be mommy... we should thank Allah for His blessings sbb they raise us sampai kita dah besar panjang ni kan... takpe mommy hazie kene jaga ur prince2 tu... masak best2...