Monday, February 15, 2010

A visit from Malaysia and Warwick

I love blue sky

Nice Indian Foodz

Me n kak Farah

Special menu dinner by Kak Mazni

Exeter Cathedral


Monument in front of my school



oN our way to train station - to Exeter

Salamz to all


A visit from 2 of my closed friends (Shena from Warwick and K Farah from Kl)
Oh Tq very much for the things.. especially the food! Daun Kesom (I used to call as daun kak som) hehehehhehe no offence to real kak som!
well they stayed at my house and i brought them to tour around Plymouth and Exeter.
1st day we went to Hoe
A must visit place in Plymouth. Pictures session as usual
over acting? Yes They were but not me :D The weather seems to be nice during our "photohraphing" session. But it suddenly changed to gloomy... and then raining all nite long!
I have decided to go for Fish and Chips near the Barbican... (Fast and quite cheap)
i have changed my mind as i walked through one Italian restaurant..
I've been there with Afiq and Kak Mazni before. Again
the food awesome and really delicious!
we ordered Seafood pan pizza, nachos with cheese, Seafood spaghetti, Salad and onion bread! yeap
its affordable price and worth of money.. Please have a visit :) trust me folks
Before that, my real intention was to bring them to taste a great cornwall ice cream.. (kononnya) but sadly its winter and most of the ice cream shop closed.
oh sangat unfair! Clotted cream ice cream can only be seen in the picture lah nampak gayanya...
At nite, i cooked asam pedas ayam
as Kak Farah brought some Daun Kesom.
Tq kak Joen for the Daun kesom... we had a simple and "light" dinner
with some prawn and squid sambal... and ulam2... :P


Woke up early in the morning
Train to Exeter will be around 9 a.m
Weather : not so bad.. Windy and mildly cold..:D
event of the day: shopping shopping shopping
i cant say much when walking with girls..
oh girls out there.. come on.. have life... can you people enjoy life without shopping? hehehheheh Jokes..
Now i know why husband will nodding their head and always make weired facial expression when their wife asking them to accompany them to shop :D
jaga jaga En Zarul ... After this sure u kene lazer.. :P
anyone with me???
At nite, we went to Kak mazni's house to have dinner
As expected lovely foods.. tq for the desserts!

smiley faces


Foodzz again



Continuing with shopping2 session
Then met kak mazni in town with Afiqah
we had our lunch in La Tasca
Authentic Spanish restaurant... chewahh :P
Oh am i talking much about food?
well guys, u will be craving for food especially in Winter
cepat lapar though! They catched their train to Warwick in the evening

Pamper jgn tak pamper.. :D

few days after...
i met them again in London
we stayed somewhere near elephant Castle area
A good place though!
thanks to kak ida for a great accommodation!
lovely food!
4 days in london... we went to oxford
specifically to shop in Bicester Village!
Yes i admit that this was my favourite spot!!!
No shopping lah kononya...
Sorry Kak Farah and Shena...
i could not resist!:P
I did spent to get something for myself...
well "sometime" we need to pamper ourselves kan?
so go for it!
Enjoy the lovely pictures in London.
BTW kak farah enjoy your Gucci! opss :D

Alhamdulllah i got an approval from Ethics Committee.
My survey online will be anounced soon.
Guys i really need youe help to fill in the survey and promote it!
May Allah bless you!

Today is Saturday..
i went to Gym at 8 and continue with futsal at 9 am
It great to meet all friends in here..
Not long way.. some of them will be back for good in June/July...
The happiness we achieve today will not remain forever.
the frienship among us the Plymouth community
will always bloom in my heart!
Take care folks!


Cik Qemm said...

wah ade org dtg melawat ke.best2.teringin nye nak jalan2 mcm tu..

bile la rezeki kite.

NaqeebLukhman said...

makan saje ko...

patutlah makin bulat jadinya hehee

haja said...

everytime saya singgah sini..
wajib terasa cemburu.
saya ingin belajar di sana..
bila masanya akan tiba ya??

CAHAYA said...

nanti nak jalan sana la. geram tgk gambar!

Anonymous said...

i shall be in london soon and hell we are going to shop till all charge card max up ok. btw jgn nakal2 bro nanti kena rotannnnnnnn !

Anonymous said...

yum..yumm..yumm...sedapnyer kena try Italian Food one day. eh best kat situkan..boleh shopping designer brand..hehehehe..kat OZ susah skit nak jumpa designer brand..n mahal...ok..keep updating.. :D

tchersally said...

If one fine day i found myself lost n end up at ur place ( haha..) promise me u'll b my tourist guide ya bro! those pics of great places n foodz really 'inviting' la!

Kak anie said...

Salam are talking too much about food...but i like...hehehe...sedap tgk semua makanan tu...

Anonymous said...

i hate that shopping in london is soooo much cheaper than here!

Me, Mrs Taj said...

shopping???!! so jeles hokey...

@xiM said... nya idup..

shopping shopping
makan makan
pi workout kat gym.
jalan jalan..