Friday, April 23, 2010

Summary : A long story

Please welcome

heroooo ok

somewhere in wales

Linda n me pose!!!

snowdonia path

wales ice cream

Hero Malaya

Lake District with Queen's fav

Try to pronounce :D Agogogogohh

Rainbow trout : super delicious


Menu of the day

Front view

Chimney .. cute one!

It has been a long day for me
It had to stop from blogging for a while due to unfinished “business”
Having said that, I am quite free now..
Meaning its time to blogging again… cheers!!! :D

So from where should I start?
Wales trip
I went to Snowdonia national park in Wales
With Linda n Badrul
We stayed in small cottage house age liked 200 years old… (Renaissance? vs Reformation? vs medieval?)
You’ll decide…
It was a lovely and super nice cottage house!
Affordable price for only GBP200 per week inclusive all utilities…
The fireplace was not so big… But its enough to make warm us in the house..
Well the tricky part was to light the fire albeit you had the “lighters” :D
Please enjoy the pictures…
Wales is and always a must visit place in Uk
I have no doubt about it
Things which you always see: castle, seaside, Cornish ice cream, Flowers, gloomy days, raining!!! :P
An unforgettable experience for me when we had our fishing event
It was raining for almost 6 hours and guess what happened?
We stayed “comfortably” waiting for the fish to eat out bait
GBP14.5 inclusive ( A tube of fresh worms from the oven :D Ngeeee + Fishing rod + maximum 3 Trout (If you manage to catch it)
Yup luckily for us…. 3 trout on our hands…
Walaaaa wehhh!
Trout menu: 1.Grill with turmeric +butter n lemon (includes with air asam) Kudos to Linda for the cilia pi from Malaysia… Oh please!!! :P
2.Trout curry
3.Grill with English herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil ) + lemon + pepper
The trip went quite well except for the gloomy weather..
Final day we stopped in Cardiff city Centre..
As usual I went to Hard Rock café Cardiff, Millennium Stadium and Cardiff castle
We also had the halal buffet at Red Dragon Centre… Nice food… Nice place!! Too much to eat!!! :D
Linda tq for everything… especially the food stuff! Stranded in London meaning
It’s your shopping time!! Opssss :D
Bicester Village: soon !!!

Haziq's birthday cake :D


My karipap factory

The sate

Chic chic chic keboom

Life must go on..
There is always people come and go…
But it can’t stop you from doing what you are supposed to do.

Last week was Haziq’s birthday
So we (Single mingle group) decided to have a BBQ party..
Oh btq haziq is just 5 years old.. :P
Please enjoy the pictures…
His uncle and aunties were very excited …
Over acting and super duper enjoy the food…
The best part we had Lai Chi Kang
Kudos to Kak Mal and Waque…
Ingredients: Shipped from Malaysia… please noted :P
Tq to shue for the lovely kuah kacang…
To afiq anas apiz n daus: for good companionship helping to sort things out ( chicken lamb sausages etc)
Yeah indeed a hot weather… Spring is just liked a summer!
Clear blue sky and I really enjoy it guys…

Well I reckon my posting is quite long now..
It’s time for me to wrap up..
Oh talking about wrap, heheheh suddenly this event came across my mind..
I attempted to do my own karipap Malaysian style.... (cam Ikea nyer karipap) :P
Ages I have not done it… Noted ok!!!
T q to kak Mal and Gina… :D

Poeple in crime :D

Funny heh?

Guys pose!!!

Lovely Dawlish

Pose action...

A long vacation meaning you left your work and research staff at home/office
So after a long day, its time to warm up your engine…
Hahahahahah As usual, not an easy process though…
Frankly speaking, my head always thinking of my research my survey
even my face depicted that I am happy
Then again…only god knows how I feel 
Alhamdulillah I would to say thank you very much to all of you
Especially for those who answered my survey study…
End up I managed to achieve more than 500 responses…
I have submitted my 1st report and got already got a feedback..
It was good with minor correction…
But the journey is not going to stop there yet..
It’s a long way to go
Oh apart from that,
A good friend of mine in Plymouth..
Mr Wino Fariz : “Jejaka hangat” going back to Malaysia for good..
As his worked in here accomplished successfully.. eh ye ke?
So long farewell my friend….
His next working trip potentially in Moscow… Here I come… :D
Oh I really enjoy talking and sharing thoughts with him.
Funny naughty and open minded….
And he is still single ok? Please anyone??? :D
Before that, we went for our last trip with him to Torquay..Dawlish…
Oh indeed a beauteous place!!!
I will always remember that day…
The English breakfast.. ..The French desert….
The shopping time… London trip… The Nasi ayam dinner…
Hope you are doing good in Malaysia mate.. 

To my lovely little sister

For mama :)

My mum Birthday was on 2nd April
My little sister birthday was on 21st April
I have bought them flowers online..
How I wish to go back home..
Kiss my mum and saying that I love her very much

I am really proud to be her only son
I thank Allah for everything
His love… His blessing…
To my younger sister : You the only my younger one… Take care.. 

Oh I am officially in my 2nd year of PhD research now..
Hope in few months I will get ready for my transfer report from Mphil to PhD stage…
Amin… Please doa for my success 
I am sorry for the delay..
Pretending like so many people waiting for the input :D Ngeeeee
OK take care all

Have a great day ahead..


a.z.n.e.e said...

no komen!

tapi suke! suke! suke!
tgk semua gmbr tue!

CAHAYA said...

pandainya kelim karipap. i sampai skang tak reti2.

DrSam said...

What a nice trip! I like the idea of spending a cozy evening/night around those fireplace with the loved ones.

Happy belated birthday to your mum and Haziq.

Anonymous said...

the karipap lawa gile. almost all of them are of same sizes!!! respect lah...

Cikgu ILi said...


Aku cam nak nangis sebab suke sangat tengok gambar ko sume cantik cantikkkkk!
Aku verangann nak ada dalam gambar ko!
Satu lagi nak nangis sebab handalnye ko wat karipap ala-ala ikea.
Mesti Ummi suke makan.

Zendra-Maria said...

Congrats Zafi for moving up from M.Phil. Won't be long now before your Mum will introduce her only son as DR Zafi, the intellectual traveller and cook heheh - make her proud :)

NaqeebLukhman said...

jalan2 makan2 best best...

Me, Mrs Taj said...

Hello to mr. hero malaya (tet!!),

well, ini mmg super duper long entry always bab makan mesti ada..

telur ikan yang fresh mmg superb!!!

yangyuyu said...

ili ili..jgn kata aku ko pun suka kan..aah aku memang suka air tangan zarul sejak dulu lg..

zarul pandai memasak..untungnya sapa kawen ngan zarul kan:P

arianna adrizal said...

nk pegi moscow pulak.. ikut ikut! ;D

amin utk u :)

pal7 said...

lama x singgah..

seronok kat tempat org..best2..hehe

Khairul said...

Wow.. a long summary.. :)
But I still like it though!
Seronok duduk sana.
Rasa macam nak pergi sana jugak ;)
Btw, bila nak update?
And Llanfair....? I just know about that place when I read my friend's blog & u've been there already??