Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Get Ready

New semester is just around the corner
I was appointed to teach the programming course this coming semester.
Data structure n Programming Methods

Programming is not a new thing for me
Although I would say this is not my "niche" area but I am willing to try
Take it as a challenge :)

I just hope that students will ask if they don't understand
rather than sitting there quietly (assuming they understand).

I don't want to repeat back how I used to study programming
during my undergrad.
Because at the end of the day
the majority will only pass the exam
the majority don't know how to apply what they have learnt
the majority will set up in their mind that programming is difficult
the majority will let their juniors know that programming is the killer subject!

I want to change this perception or trend
I really want them to participate in class
or come and see me personally if they are still in baffle.
I want them to be confident
I want them to know what is the purposes of doing such thing

It is too early to judge
But based on the early indication (basic level programming exam)
the majority were at B level.
Not bad at all.

So lets target to at least B+ this time.
Mahatma Gandhi used to say "The future depends on what you do today"
Wish me luck.



Al-Manar said...

You have taken a practical, non ambitious step, be sure of B+ now and better one later. Wish you all the best.

zafi said...


I have to accept the facts that this paper is kind of "killer" for students in Uni... (programming). Based on previous results mostly will get b and below... So B+ I hope is a good start.. :) InsyaAllah

azhariah zuber said...

Mmgx suke programming. Terus tertekan belaja it. Haha. Bagus zarul keep it up.