Friday, April 11, 2014

Peek a Boo!

I know.. I know... My bad!!!
with such "lame" reasons I haven't updated my blog at all.
Honto Gomen ne!! (Bow)

I've been struggled with so many things to catch ups...

1. Work trip to Terengganu with my senior colleagues - LRGS project in UMT. Honestly I've miss this place so much. Got the opportunity again to try ICT. :D I really enjoy the journey driving from Penang via Kedah and Kelantan to Terengganu. Such a wonderful journey! The serene and unimaginable looks of flora & fauna! MasyaAllah.

2. Marking 159 student's test. To be honest the overall results was not really convincing. :(

3. Preparation for my sister's wedding. I've been to KL from Penang almost every week. A little brother who loves his sister very much ( am I? )

4.The day that everyone is waiting for. Congratulation to my lovely sister Zalifatul Akmal Zaaba. Alhamdulillah everything went very smoothly. The solemnization was held in our home with Garden theme as her wish. The main event was held in Dewan Merak Kayangan, Jln Semarak KL. I wish I could invite all of you but InsyaAllah when my turn comes :P My mum and dad would be the happiest person on earth that day. I can see that. Alhamdulillah Allah granted me with a beautiful and understanding family. My little sister Nurshazwani Zaaba and my brother in law Mr Fadhil Hakim - u guys worked really hard! Thank you! To my new brother in law - Abg Airee, welcome to our family. InsyaAllah we can't wait for a good news soon :) Some pictures to share with.

K yong - Me - Eno

Sweet Couple isn't it?

And as usual the "Killer questions" will be prompted over and over again such as "You're next? , So dah ada? , when is your turn big guy?, Please call auntie if you want to know someone?, Anak uncle ada yang single! erkk! etc..... (no full stop)..... Big Grin from me. "InsyaAllah, sooner or later my quick answer". My mum always says the time will come when Allah granted. :) Kesian anak laki mama yang sorang ni kan?... 

5. Now I'm back to work.It is like never ending journey. InsyaAllah I am trying my very best to fulfill my responsibilities.  No pain No gain right?

6. Oh my condolences to MH370 family members and friends. May Allah give them His blessings. 

7. I need to get ready to meet my Deputy Dean in an hour. (Sempat lagi tu update Blog) :P Cheers Folks.


Al-Manar said...

Yes, extend invitations to us if you want a crowd of strangers.

You were at UMT. That interests me. Would you please email me so that I will be able to ask some questions on issues I prefer not to go public.

nana-nane said...


Still remember me? Hehe. Lama tak singgah blog ni. It's nice to know it's still alive.