Friday, December 05, 2014

Chakkkk!! Jumble mumble Story

I bet no more readers here :D
MasyaAllah I left my blog empty for quite sometime. Oh no... Honto ni Gomen ne..

Working life
It change me to utilize all the available time to work work & work
Yes this includes Saturday and Sunday as well.

I rarely going back to my hometown in KL.
I wish I could just worked in KL. But "nope" for another 7 years? maybe?

A year after returning back from UK
Yes I always imagine myself back in London or Plymouth.
Enjoying the 4 seasons climate....
With a cuppa tea, scone, clotted cream and homemade jam (Oh my imagination!)
To be honest adopting back your "real" life in Malaysia is quite difficult
As you tend to compare everything.
For instance goods and services...
But what ever it is Malaysia still in my heart :)
For exposure and "kumpul duit" yes you can live abroad
quality of life yes to certain extend
I believe Malaysia offers better than all the "mentioned things"

I told my student how I enjoying my student life
it does not mean that I may want to do another PhD....
Oh Big No No No... :P
It is good to be a lecturer... Sometime I tend to call myself to be a good brother to my adik-adik.
They are naughty, careless, sometime lazy, forgetful etc... Thus
I need to remind them
I need to shape their mind on things that can change their attitude
Anyone can teach..
Not everyone able to educate...

By the end of this month
my students will have their final exam
Programming C++ and Logic & Application...
Good luck to all

Oh I got the opportunity to wear the "jubah Idaman"
So I went back to Plymouth with my mum, aunty, uncle etc....
Super duper happy that day!
Unforgettable experience in my life...
Tq to all for doa and support
Especially to my mama and abah.
I am bless with all the love and support!
The tears in my eyes
worth a complete journey of my life...

Last but not least
Yes I start to think about it without any action
daaaaa :D


ASH said...

Ooo dah balik malaysia.. Jadi lecturer kat mana?..rasa cepat sungguh masa berlalu..

Nak kahwin dah?


Dengan siapa?
Jangan lupa jemput..

ASH said...

Jap jap...UMT ooo satu uni dengan Dr Sam.

zafi said...

sis Ash,

Saya lecturer di USM. hehehehhe
eh not married yet la... tu soklan cepumas org suke tanya... so jawapannyer idok la lagi... :P

ijad said...

salam ziarah

ASH said...

Ooo USM.. Ingat kan kat UMT..penang ker?
Baru jer minggu lepas gi penang..
graduation day anak ke dua di UiTM

Bab kahwin tu mudah jer.
Jangan susahkan diri..
Sampai masa, idak boleh ke mana!

@xiM said...

hai there.. lama tak bertegur sapa..:)

Dewi Aja said...

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