Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A year!

Salam and Good Day to all,

I guess it has been a year! I loves blogging so much. Yes I know that I should keep this blog updated. Hmmm.... Busy life Hectic working environment family? eh... ahahha
nahhh... Yesterday after tidying my papers, suddenly I saw a blog post from the E-mail that I received. So today I decide to write something as an initial post.

After return back from Plymouth, I spent most of my daily life in Penang. A new place for me. but I am quite happy with it. Yet to be explored!

Teaching and research. That is mandatory! and again not easy. Teaching is something that I cherish the most because it is a platform for me to share my thoughts and having different view from students with any topic. This year I am teaching Logic and Application (Math based paper) and Information Security & Assurance (Security paper).

I miss my hometown in KL. How I wish to go back there as often as I could. All my family members are there. My friends and place that I love to hang out...

I am still searching for the "happiness in life". I am not saying I am not finding it yet but I am not utilising it yet to the fullest. Bila nak kawen ni? hahahhaha The stereotype question by people around me.. and my answer " Tolong carikan"....

Well meeting will begin soon. I should stop now. I still have PhD report to read for a mini viva at 2 pm today... Catch up again soon... How soon? InsyaAllah Soon.

I miss everyone...


Anonymous said...

It is okay Zarul.... It is normal for everyone. I am also get married after getting PhD. The cepu emas question is always there. Find the right person who understand your career as a lecturer. Don't rush to marry somebody just because the people around you ask to do so.

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