Monday, April 16, 2007


"Sometime the person that we love the most
is the hardest to love"


wahdi said...

Those yellow flowers are gorgeous! Are they from the lily family?

nanana-ne said...

Kirei desu. Waaah!

And, for the quote, sangat true. Sebab love's soo beautiful and soo many complicated feelings involved. That's why. Kot. Ngeeee~ (^___^)

zafi said...

i took it near the st paul catheral..
well i guess its not from lily family... :)
i like the colors and features...

hait.. so desu ne..:D

Anonymous said...

Zafi, kalu nak dtg limerick, inform me 2 weeks earlier, boleh plan cuti coz now me working.lagi cun if u can come on friday, weekend boleh jln2 and go back on monday. I suggest u take ryanair from gatwick, it's cheap.

jerald pince said...

love? sick of it.

anyway,spring is in the air!bestnye!

pinknerd said...

really? hmmm..

sometimes the person that we love the most just end up NOT loving us.

Bleh :P

aziya said...

pretty.... rasa nak lepak sana berjam-jam.....

zafi said...

update u soon bout my plan to limerick ya

Love is very abstract,
Dont look at it in Direct way.. :D
Ya spring spring spring...
i want more and more sunshine...LOL

ure most welcome... :)