Friday, April 06, 2007

Sun Shiny Day

Too high?
River side
Nak balik!
Basketball Zarul O'Neal...:p

Well Yesterday i didnt touched any books...
enjoyed my day with sun
with friends...
only at nite' ive belek2 some notes... hahahhahaha
Runneymede Park!!!
What a nice place to go! Near Windsor castle... I like the river the scenery and the blue sky...
As this park near the Heathrow Airport..
every minutes we might see aeroplanes... (thinking of going back duhh.. :P)
Baring tak hingat
Laughing also tak hingat! LOL
Hope to be there again...
picnic before and after exam..
anyone care to join?
Actors/Actress : Bro zam, Sis Nizar and Me


Hafiz MZ said...

Bro Zarul,
Where did u buy yr shoes? Or is the gravity moon equivalent over there? :)
(Sorry some mistake in the above comment)

zafi said...

heyya hafiz,
i bought my shoes here la..
u need a talent to fly dow.... kah kah kah
u want me to teach ya??

flutterby said...

Yet another jump up touch the sky slash fly me to the moon photos. So much fun! Maybe I should try it someday when the ground isn't so wet and the backdrop is a little spring-er!

jerald pince said...

wah.lompat2.nice pic!

faiz dwells in nothingness said...

gembira benar

zafi said...

hey jp,
dozo yoroshiku!

mood before exam always gumbira but deep inside only god knows La... :)

3088 Silver said...

the weather in the UK is getting really good, isn't it??!!

alynn said...

agree la ngan abg boy, lompat2 gak, study2 gak kn. hati manyak susah woo pk hist essay ni tp lompat tetap lompat! hehehe.
rasa sonok bila org sonok tgk kita sonok. erm, makes sense x?

zafi said...

ya so nice la weather!

agree!!! no doubt!! :P

Anonymous said...

I remember the park...nice pics! :-) I used to go there too with the person yg lompat with u ;-)