Saturday, November 11, 2006


I try to capture pictures using Sony.. It seems ok to me and i try to figure a way to edit the picture. wel.. this a result! on going process to touch up some more! just using a basic & simple tools! hahaha. As what people used to say Success begin with the first step! so Here i am now! Begin to do some experimental..Wish me luck then.. :-)

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along said...

salam. hi zarul. camner sana? okek ka? tgk dr blog ni, nampak cam hepi jeee orgnyer. bagusla lau cam tu. ;)

papepun, kat sana jgn lupa yg kita ni org malaysia & islam.

"jgn tinggal solat yea, zarul" --- mcm iklan sony raya tuuu. hehhe