Saturday, November 11, 2006


Hmmmm. Its so peaceful when we i spent my leisure time today in Staines With bro Zamri. After had our lunch(Chicken Burger, Chips, Diet Coke, Vinegar, Salt, Chillies Sauce) we had a walked along the river.It so cool and i really enjoyed it. The scenery was so splendid. Here and there we can see White Gull, White Swan, some cute ducks.. It was an unexpected event of the day! why? Bro Zamri was dont even knew about the place! hahahaha.. (not his fault).. Staines is quite big place to go.. We snap some pictures.(Model pose! hahahahhaha since nobody was there).. like dunia ni aku yang punya. We kept laughing and enjoyed our day! hmmm.. Far from books.. far from University.... far from city....! hmm....:-)

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